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What is ‘outdoor education’?

Simply put: ‘outdoor education’ involves activities and experiences that: Normally take place in the outdoors Frequently have an adventurous component Involves physical activity Always respects the natural environment The activities include adventurous sports such as Kayaking, Coasteering, Orienteering or Surfing, & outdoor leisure pursuits such as camping or hill walking, & outdoor activities purposely designed […]

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Be part of the Mobile Adventure Revolution!

What is Mobile Adventure? And why is it so important to us? First of all at Shielbaggan Outdoor Education Centre we see the Centre not as the only location for running our programmes but rather as a hub for activities. Often all could be calm at the centre whilst instructors are working on some of […]

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How a Little History can Light up an Outdoor Education Session

Perhaps sometimes when you do something for too long you feel that it is hard to be suprised, however days like today keep the enthusiasm flowing and remind those of us lucky enough to work in the outdoors that great experiences are created by adding just a little extra. At shielbaggan OEC  we have been working […]

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