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A look Overseas

Peering under the covers of another country is always a fascinating experience, especially when it is a subject close to your heart such as outdoor Education. So when the opportunity to spend a week in Slovenia looking at the Outdoor education system was organised by Landon Carver arose I was quick to jump at the opportunity. […]

Humpback Whale still off Wexford Coast

On Sat 30th Jan Shielbaggan spent the day Whale watching off Hook Head. Amazingly 5 min after leaving Fethard we found a Humpback and then spent the next 5 hours following this amazing animal. The clip below says it all;

South Easts first mobile wall features on on South East Radio

Shielbaggan OEC’s new mobile climbing wall got the presenters on South East Radio so excited that they could’nt stop talking about it. They said they would be coming back for another look and a another go at the JFK dunbrody Festival.

Shielbaggan OEC renews its Irish Sailing Association (ISA) recognition

Following an inspection by the ISa in July 2009 the ISA have renewed thier recognition of shielbaggan OEC. This means that Shielbaggan OEc will continue to offer high quality powerboat course. These courses Include National Powerboat certificate, Safety Boat certificate and Advanced powerboat certificate. Contact us on 0510389550 for more details

Multi Activity Weeks at Shielbaggan OEC

Multi Activity Weeks at Shielbaggan OEC We are currently putting this information together, In the meantime please contact us via the link below for more details Contact us for dates

Paul Norris paddles big in New Zealand

Paul Norris paddles big in New Zealand Many of our regulars will know Paul well. Currently Paul is paddling in New Zealand for 9 weeks with Waterford Castle chef Ronan O’Keefe. As the photo below shows they are certainly having a wild time.

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