High Ropes

High Ropes + Climbing Tower



Four members of the team will climb up a central pole: 10 meters high & then climb onto a small platform. Once all four members are ‘all aboard’ the team will hold hands and gradually lean back together – until all members are leaning fully over the platform.

high all aboard

Jacobs Ladder

A great group activity – team members are faced with a giant ladder with large round beams for the rungs. Working together – all four members climb up each rung to make it to the top. The higher you climb, the further the rungs are apart. The team set their own strategy of how they want to climb.


Leap Of Faith

Individually or in pairs, participants will climb a central pole: 10 meters high, once they reach the top, they position themselves onto a small platform. From here they must make their own ‘leap of faith’ to grab the trapeze bar.


Crate Stack

In groups of four, working together two teams must compete against each other to build a tower made from crates: the higher you build the more unstable the tower.

crate stack


Climbing Tower

Our nine meter Climbing Tower has six routes ranging in difficulty. Using an automated belay system, you can have six climbers at any one time, climbing in complete safety.

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