Why not come to Shielbaggan and take part in one of Ireland’s fasting growing sports.

Ireland is in the unique position, in that it gets the full awesome power of the Atlantic Ocean which provides Ireland with some of the best surf in Europe.

So if you do decide to do surfing at Shielbaggan, what can you expect?
Well if you are a beginner you can expect excellent tuition from our staff that will give all the help that will get you standing and riding the board like a pro “almost”!, while providing a safe learning environment.

Our introductory sessions in surfing take place at Booley bay on the hook peninsula. Our foam beginner boards allow for safe learning and quick progression. For the intermediate and novice suffer you can expect some practice and positive feedback and tips to help you progress and improve.

Please note: surfing is weather dependant; No wind = No waves. But you can interchange surfing with kayaking and Coasteering which may be affected by bad weather.

For further details and booking please contact the office (see contact us section for details)

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