Irish Association of Coasteering Professionals


The Irish Association of Coasteering Professionals was set up in 2012 to address the emergence of the sport of Coasteering within Ireland.


To make Coasteering a safe, structured and adventurous sport within Ireland.

General Information:
The IACP was set up with a number of goals in mind.
1. To provide a governing body specifically for the Irish context and development of the Sport.
2. To design, market and deliver high quality skills and leadership courses leading to high standards of safety for Coasteering in Ireland.
3. To grow the sport of Coasteering in what can surely be claimed as one of the best countries in Europe in which to Coasteer.
Award Scheme:
  • IACP Skills & Rescue Award – is designed as a two day training course. Upon successful completion, participants will be certified to the Skills & Rescue standard. This award is the prerequisite to attending the Leader Award training.
  • IACP Leader Award – Upon successful completion of the Skills & Rescue Award, participants can attend this further two day training course to develop the skills and competencies required to lead groups Coasteering. The training is followed by a comprehensive consolidation process and a one day assessment. Candidates with the appropriate qualifications and relevant Coasteering experience can apply directly for assessment upon completion of the Leader Award training.

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