First Aid Courses

First Aid Courses and REC Training

Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness first aid is needed for activities in remote areas such as hiking, climbing, kayaking, coasteering or camping. Anyone living, working or just enjoying the wilderness should be prepared to manage a medical emergency.

Wilderness First Aid

The Wildnerness First Aid course is designed for anyone who may find themselves far from immediate care. This 16 hour course is essential for hillwalkers, outdoor sports enthuaiasts, teachers & youth leaders.

Advance Wilderness First Aid

The Advance Wildnerness First Aid Course is a 16 hour coursethat is ideal for anyone who regularly spends time in the mountains, hiking, climbing & kayaking. It will expand your skills when dealing with emergency situations in severe enviornments and will prepare you to look after yourself and those around you while enjoying the outdoors.

Wilderness First Responder

The Wildnerness First Responder course is designed for individuals who have a high-likelihood of using their training in the field. WFR certification is considered the standard for professionals working in the outdoor industry.


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